Her Story Trail


HERSTORY is a city-wide audio storytelling experience that uncovers the stories of women usually hidden from history. These are the real stories of Brighton-based women as they live through the COVID-19 pandemic. Insightful and inspiring, HERSTORY carves out a space where women can be heard. We invite you to discover and listen to a trail of stories that celebrate the truth and power of women all around us.

Listen to stories by writers: Zena Rose-Allen, Jade Anouka, Mia Daliya Cunningham, Kate O’Donnell, Shirley Falchi, Sabrina Mahfouz, Yolanda Mercy, Jenny Milligan, Nessah Muthy, Julie Orchard, Anna Osella, Malasula Peace, Phonetic, Boudicca Pepper, Nou Ra, Carley Reid, Monsay Whitney and Rachael Young.

Visit the listening posts in Hangleton, Moulsecoomb, Whitehawk and Central Brighton to discover the stories and portraits of women from Brighton and scan a unique QR code at each listening post to listen to these stories as part of the Brighton Festival from 01 – 31 May 2021. Find a moment to reflect and enjoy women’s voices during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our unique website www.herstorytrail.com will be live on 01 May 2021 where you can also enjoy the stories from the comfort of your own home and find the location spots around Brighton.


HERSTORY, an Arch 468 Production. Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival, Arch 468, Lighthouse and created by Stef O'Driscoll. Produced with support from Re-Imagine Europe, Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, additional funds from Brandwatch and supported by Digital Democracies.

Special thanks to Audio Active, Brightons People Theatre, Bottega Rooms, Cascade Creative Recovery, Green Little Pig, Miss Represented and Trans Creative.

Creative Team

Creative Director - Stef O’Driscoll
Producer - Sofia Stephanou for Arch 468
Designer - Charlie Cridlan
Photographer - Amaal Said
Associate Producer - Alice Rush for Arch 468
Sound Designer - Dominic Kennedy
Production Creative - Colin Everitt
Web Designer - Thom Driver for getofftheweb

Stories by

Travis Alabanza
Lori Asha
Romina Callini
Erin Cooper
Mia Cunningham 
Shirley Falchi
Veronica Finnegan
Yasmin James
Siggi Mwasote
Malasula Peace
Carley Reid
Ebi Simpson
Elizabeth Walsh

Performances by

Toyin Ayedun-Alase
Zena Rose-Allen
Jade Anouka
Lori Asha
Pamela Chandler
Mia Daliya Cunningham
Seroca Davis
Shirley Falchi
Asha Hassan 
Zainab Hasan
Charlotte O’Leary
Anna Osella
Malasula Peace
Nou Ra
Carley Reid
Cat Simmons